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A spirit of family
Maison Godard proudly represents her territory in the universe of gastronomy. Maison GODARD, founded in 1978 by Alain and Michèle Godard, then joined by their children Pascal and Annabel, remains faithful to the ambition fixed back then: associating the respect of traditions to the pleasure in all good things, and that in a family atmosphere.
Located in Gourdon, a medieval village inside the Quercy-Périgord region, our family is entirely dedicated to a real epicurean passion. Always in accordance with quality and authenticity our family prepares from the best raw materials from our region: foie gras, specialities with foie gras, confits, pâtés and ready made-meals.
Duck Cassoulet 1350g - Jean Larnaudie
Toulouse Sausages w/ Beans 1280g - Jean Larnaudie
Traditional Coq au Vin Glass Jar 580g - Godard
Duck Confit With 4-5 Legs 1.24kg - Jean Larnaudie
Quails w/ Grapes in Sauce Tin 600g - Godard
Chicken Supreme w/ White Wine & Morel Tin 820g - Godard