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All frozen products can be delivered only in Melbourne area or to be picked-up.

Tablet Grand Noir 85% 70g - Michel Cluizel
$7.90 $4.95
Griottines Jar 350ml | Gourmet De Paris Australia
Griottines Gift Jar 350ml
$20.90 $17.99
Timeless Macaron Mix 35pcs Franck Deville
Griottines Le Parfait in Kirsch Jar 1L
Griottines Mini Red Box 15% 50ml
$10.90 $6.70
Chocolate Macarons Mix 35pcs Franck Deville
Frozen Pistachio Macarons 35pcs Franck Deville
Blackcurrants Griottines | Gourmet De Paris Australia
Blackcurrants 15% 1LT PET (in Creme de Cassis)
Frozen Raspberry Macarons 35pcs Franck Deville - Gourmet de Paris : French Food
Frozen Raspberry Macarons 35pcs Franck Deville
Griottines w/Stalk Pail 1L
Griottines Pet Pail 1L