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Where can I buy foie gras online in Australia? Gourmet de Paris offers premium and authentic foie gras from France delivered directly to your doorstep! Shop our wide range of foie gras, from whole foie gras in a glass jar, to bloc foie gras, mi - cuit foie gras, and the whole lobe of foie gras.

Whole Goose Foie Gras 125g - Jean Larnaudie
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Bloc Foie Gras 150g in a can
Bloc Foie Gras - Jean Larnaudie (multiple sizing)
From $17.90

Sauce Foie Gras 20% Tin 200g - Godard
Chutney (Fig/Mango/Tea bergamot) - Jean Larnaudie
From $4.90