Dear Valued Customers,
During this difficult time of uncertainty, we want to make you aware that Gourmet De Paris has taken big steps in tackling COVID-19.
As you are probably aware, the transmission of the virus has happened from human to human and there are no cases of transmissions
through food reported.
As always, Gourmet De Paris pioneers an exceptional health, personal and safety hygiene work ethic, which will be vigorously maintained.
We have also taken necessary measures to reduce our current operations in order to go through this crisis. Our Sales operations have
completely been put on standby. However, Gourmet De Paris will continue to serve you during this time.
Please kindly address your orders exclusively to those channels:
Or simply call us on 03 9872 3945
We hope this unprecedented situation will end very soon.
We wish everyone that has been affected to come back stronger than ever. Stay safe.