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Located in Loire-Atlantique, in the south of Brittany, the salty marshes of Guérande are gigantic labyrinths irrigated during each high tide: it is there that the salt workers collect the Guérande salt and the fleur de sel which make the reputation from the peninsula.
Calico Bag Flower of Salt 125g - Le Guerandais
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Coarse Grey Sea Salt 1kg - Le Guerandais
Flower of salt 1Kg - Le Guerandais
Natrium Salt 500g
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Smoked Salt 500g - Gourmet de Paris : French Food
Smoked Salt 500g
Black Peppercorn Sarawak 1kg
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Espelette Pepper Ground 250g bag - Gourmet de Paris
Pink Peppercorn Pot 70g - Gourmet De Paris