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French entrée is known all over the world as an excellent starter before a meal. Our selection contains all you need to create your own French entrée platter. Order today and receive your products delivered to your doorstep!

Duck Rillettes - Jean Larnaudie (multiple sizing)
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Country Terrine Glass Jar 180g - Jean Larnaudie
Foie gras & Chanterelles Glass Jar 200g - Loste
Traditional Rabbit Terrine Glass Jar 200g - Loste
Traditional Country Terrine Glass Jar 200g - Loste
Goose Rillettes Glass Jar 190g - Godard
Duck Terrine - Jean Larnaudie (multiple flavours)

Boar pâté w/ Armagnac Glass Jar 125g - Godard
Goose Terrine Glass Jar 125g - Godard
Seasoned Paste Jar 100g - A L'Olivier (multiple flavours)
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