Whole Foie Gras Glass Jar - Jean Larnaudie (Multiple Sizing)


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A delicious recipe for whole duck foie gras from France. This product has been cooked for over 60 years in Figeac in the heart of the Lot, using traditional methods and always with the same rigor and attention to detail.

Our foie gras from Jean Larnaudie are hand-selected in our workshop in Figeac and come from ducks raised in the open air. The Jean Larnaudie house is recognised for the quality of its foie gras. More than 40 medals at the general agricultural competition in the last 10 years.

Easy to use: A few minutes before serving, remove the foie gras from the refrigerator. Cut about 1cm into slices with a foie gras lyre or a thin-bladed knife, previously soaked in hot water. To be eaten chilled and will go wonderfully well with slightly sweet dishes such as chutney or sweet wines.

Store in a cool, dry place. After opening: keep in the refrigerator and consume quickly.

Ingredients: Duck foie gras, Sauternes (1.7%), salt, pepper, sugar

Who is Jean Larnaudie?

Anchored for almost 70 years in the Lot en Quercy, Jean Larnaudie is above all men and women attached to French regional know-how and passionate about this essential delicacy of the end of the year celebrations: Foie Gras.
In order to offer you exceptional Foies Gras, special attention is paid to the quality of raw materials and the selection of foie gras. A know-how that is passed on from generation to generation.

Customer Reviews

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What kind of fabric is it?
Foie gras in a glass jar

I can’t open the jar? Any tips ?
Can I let it stand in hot water?

Rudy Weinzierl

Getting it out of the jar to achieve a large slice for my deconstructed beef wellington was an issue but the taste was superb

Marie Sicard

Foie grass, terrine,cassoulet, everything is very nice,even my most fussy friends love your products.

alison bonjer

What can you say about this product other than delicious!

Great Duck Foie Gras

Excellent foie gras