Escargots Snails 24 snails w/ Shells + Garlic sauce Romanzini


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Prepare your own Burgundy snails and Wow your guests! Order Romanzini online, delivered to your doorstep!

Here is an easy-to-use and fun product that will make you proud of your snail dish! Everything is there, 125g of canned snails to garnish your 24 shells and enjoy a delicious traditional meal.

This handset is ideal for 2 people, to test during a romantic dinner for example.

Easy to prepare: 

-Pour the contents of the box into a colander and drain them well
-Put the snails in the shells
-Garnish with your butter or bourguignonne stuffing
-Arrange the stuffed snails on a crumpled aluminum foil
-Bake for 10 min at 150 ° C

Ingredients: Cooked snails meat, water, salt, natural flavours, dextrose, aromatic plants, spices


Who is Romanzini? 

Corinne and Olivier, have perpetuated and developed for 3 generations family know-how around a product of pure French gastronomic tradition: the snail.
A modern and efficient production tool combined with strict raw material selection and precise knowledge of the transformation process has been the basis of Romanzini’s success for almost 100 years.

The boxes are filled by automatic counting, after a precise calibration of the flesh done by electronic vision.
A check is regularly made to ensure that there is no drift. 

Customer Reviews

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Just like in the local French restaurant

What a wonderful way to have a special dinner with out much effort, snails, shells and seasoning all there just add butter, yum, yum


Tasty, juicy, and great quality escargot!

Lynnley Palamountain
Great Product

Thanks for a great product and such efficient surface