Duck Fat 340g - Jean Larnaudie

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Nothing better to brown your potatoes than this Jean Larnaudie duck fat. An everyday ally in your kitchen that will make you the master of fried potatoes.

Try it and after that you will find it impossible to cook your potatoes, your meats, your vegetables, your pasta without it. Thanks to it all your dishes will be very tasty.

Easy to use: Just melt over low heat

Ambient storage temperature. Storage after opening, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours.

Ingredients: Duck foie gras, salt (1.3%), pepper (0.2%). Cooking broth: poultry broth.

Who is Jean Larnaudie?

Anchored for almost 70 years in the Lot en Quercy, Jean Larnaudie is above all men and women attached to French regional know-how and passionate about this essential delicacy of the end of the year celebrations: Foie Gras.
In order to offer you exceptional Foies Gras, special attention is paid to the quality of raw materials and the selection of foie gras. A know-how that is passed on from generation to generation.