In 1921, our grandfather Omer Romanzini founded his cannery at La Rivière Drugeon. He inherited his know-how in the preparation of snails from a long family tradition. 

The production site located in Haut Doubs (Franche Comté), lived then at the rhythm of the harvesting seasons in its regions and neighboring countries. 

From a traditional home-made cannery business, the company became a pioneer in the marketing of frozen prepared snails in the 1970s and chilled snails in the 1990s. 

Modernized, structured and IFS certified, our factory now processes 45 million snails per year, mainly "wild" snails, collected in natural and healthy environments. Our raw material comes from Central Europe countries where we have our own subsidiary in Czech Republic. 

Innovation allows us to integrate new consumption patterns, and we regularly develop new products.

For us, quality must go from field to plate, and we make it a point of honor to satisfy our consumers with constant quality products all year long.