1890 Fruit tree growers from fathers to sons 

Pomone is a family story. Since 1890, Sarazin family has grown apples with the same ambition all along: to produce healthier, tastier and sustainable food, from fork to fork.

From the suburbs of Paris to the fertile lands of Anjou Val-de-Loire, the Pomone company has always known how to preserve its independence, thanks to a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Today, cradled by the Loire, the exploitation of Champigny (49) extends on a rich soil which gives all their flavor to the fruits of our pastries.




1992 The origins of Pomone tarts

In the continuity of family history, François Sarazin decided in 1992 to turn terroir apple generosity into gourmand tarts. Pomone teams up with pastry professionals to make inspired desserts, just like the company values. Our products are tasty because we know how to sustainably obtain the best of our land, generation after generation. Pomone pastries are the heart of our range. Year after year, new home-made recipes are added to our portfolio and always respecting our family history: the arboriculture of excellence. We rigorously select pears, apricots or lemons that sublimate the crunchiness of our doughs.




2001 From melting apples to the power of chocolate

Thanks to our customers trust, Pomone has become one of the tarts manufacturer leaders in France. We strengthened our position in 2001 when a master chocolatier joined our R&D team and with whom we develop gourmet products in the purest French tradition.

Today, Pomone and Sarazin family story continues with you. Pomone has built several production lines that meet the highest quality standards, in order to match the growing demand of our retail and food service customers. We continue our development, in the respect of our stakeholders and our values, in order to sustain the business for the next 5 generations.







When the nature means pastry

Pomone tarts and desserts are part of family know-how transmitted from generation to generation. Our strength comes from over a hundred years of research and investment in arboriculture and transformation of products from our soil.

Nothing is left to chance to guarantee the taste and olfactory quality of our pastries. We cherish our orchards. Pomone is partners with the European leader in nurseries, as well as with varietal experimentation centers to continue to learn from our trees and to obtain the best fruits every year.


Our master craftsmen know-how

Pomone pastries are created and crafted by professionals mastering their art to perfection. Handcrafted in our workshops, from fruit, butter and eggs selected for their taste.

We stick to this philosophy when selecting products that do not come from our orchards, such as chocolate. Pomone has forged strong partnerships with producers who share the same passion and respect for the land. We guarantee the best tasting experience possible for any pastries coming out of our production lines.






 A selection of the greatest products

Research and development (R&D) are key to our quality approach. Pomone has two R&D laboratories in charge of creating recipes, shaping technical innovation, and drawing method improvement.

We drastically select our pastries ingredients. The Managing Team is directly involved in selecting suppliers and ingredients that cannot be produced locally. Customers are assured that Pomone tarts and desserts all meet Sarazin family values.


Innovation to serve quality

From our orchards to our pastries, we ensure perfect product traceability with clear and transparent origins. Our approach in sustainable arboriculture allows us to offer high quality products. We even offer organic certified products.

Pomone always aims at offering healthier food. Our team relies on the latest techniques to improve sustainable farming. Nature is so complex that it requires time, humility, knowledge and work to achieve balance.


Certified quality

Quality is our core concern. Pomone has steadily raised its standards in past years. In 1997, we obtained our first certification, adopting the “Integrated Fruit Production” standard. It highlights the high-quality fruits grown in respect of the environment.

Certifications then succeeded one another enhancing Pomone’s commitment and professionalism: Eurep-Gap, Global-Gap, Nurture, IFS or BRC. This quality focus is rooted in our family business culture.

Today, our orchards are certified eco-responsible. We aim to achieve the highest of three levels of environmental certification: High Environmental Value.





Responsible agriculture

We place human development and nature respect at the heart of our business. That is our strength. We develop our plantations and our bakeries to match with our third parties (customers, partners, suppliers, employees etc.). Not to mention nature expectation, from which we obtain our fruits excellence.

Pomone follows permaculture principles and commits to reduce use of plant protection products and additives, to guarantee consumers healthier products, from fork to fork.


Respect for biodiversity

Pomone has made the choice to invest time and resources in observing its ecosystem to preserve the natural balance, the only guarantee of a sustainable exploitation of the Earth resources. Nesting boxes and various shelters have been settled to intelligently coexist with the animal species that protect our orchards.

For more than 40 years, we have been studying the local flora and leaving hedgerows intact to maintain a natural habitat for biodiversity. Insects, such as ladybugs or bees, are beneficial to the cultivation of our fruits. Some are naturally fighting aphids while others are actively involved in the pollination process. When certain species disturb crops, Pomone advocates non-aggressive methods to preserve soils, trees, and fruits.