Company History

Marcel Plantin started Maison Plantin in the heart of Provence in 1930.
Since it started, this family business established itself as the main supplier of truffles to the grand tables of France.
In 1986, Hervé Poron took over Maison Plantin and embarked upon a programme of strong growth for the company. In particular, it now exports its know-how to other countries.

Just as passionate about truffle growing and the world of truffles in general, Christopher Poron, his son, and Nicolas Rouhier, today continue his work.
From the United States to Japan, not forgetting the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, from the tables of the Elysée to those of the greatest French chefs, such as Joël Robuchon, Benoît Violier and Yannick Alleno, they all use Maison Plantin to supply them with truffles and woodland mushrooms.



The essentials from 'la Maison'

Of all fresh truffles, the black truffle, tuber melanosporum in Latin: this famous truffle, also known as the "black diamond of cuisine" has, for a very long time, been the one most valued by the gastronomic world. Today, it is the foundation of the reputation enjoyed by Maison Plantin. The combination of a delicate perfume and crisp texture gives it an exceptional flavour and character.

Flagship product in the range of preserved truffles, the First Boiling Black Truffle, when properly cooked, gives off a perfume, almost as powerful as that of a fresh truffle and will delight the palate of even the most discerning.


Truffle expert since 1930

Ideally located in the heart of the truffle producing region close to the main truffle markets and growers, since it started in business, Maison Plantin has positioned itself as one of the main players in selecting the best truffles in France. The best truffles in Vaucluse, particularly Richerenches and Carpentras truffles are selected by Maison Plantin.

To be able to offer its high-class restaurant customers and the processing industry an even wider choice of truffles throughout the year, Maison Plantin now works in partnership with producers in Spain and Australia, for example. Handling twenty to thirty tonnes of fresh truffles a year, focussing on the most sought-after varieties, it always chooses the best tuber melanosporum truffles from around the world.


Plantin around the world

Maison Plantin has an experienced team of professionals in every one of its export markets, able to adapt to a country's regulations and process the necessary export documentation.

The opening of offices in New York and Hong Kong, a presence via distributors in practically every country in the world, in metropolitan centres such as Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai illustrate the increasing fondness for truffles and Maison Plantin products around the world.

This international presence is indicative of continuing excellent prospects for Maison Plantin. An adventure to watch with interest.



Fine food products

You can find all Maison Plantin's expertise and quality in its fine grocery range, dedicated mainly to the restaurant trade but also available in a few topflight grocery stores. Among the fine grocery range, a bottle of black truffle oil is one of the jewels of French gastronomy.

The fine grocery range also boasts other truffle specialities and a complete range of dried mushrooms: dried morels, chanterelles, porcini, etc.



Expertise, the result of experience

Thanks to its 89 years of experience, PLANTIN has a thorough knowledge of the gastronomy business.
Today, this knowledge imbues it with a level of discernment and product knowledge which gives PLANTIN its reputation with top-flight restaurant professionals but also with the processing industry.

More than half our sales turnover is from exports sold in North America, right across Europe and as far as Asia.

Our customer base began with the world’s greatest Chefs, but now our diversified ranges have extended our appeal across all the other segments of the market too : 

- Gourmet food shops, delicatessens, wine cellars and wine producers

- The food and catering industry using the finest raw materials

- Distributors selling the finest products to the eating-out industry

- The most renowned gourmet restaurants across France and worldwide 


Discernment in the service of excellence

PLANTIN offers the fruit of its skills and jeweller-like expertise for sale in four prestige ranges.

- Fresh truffles pure & simple: Tuber melanosporum, Tuber magnatum, Tuber aestivum, Tuber uncinatum...

- Truffles all year round, thanks to our heat sterilising and deep freeze expertise, so you can enjoy our superlative gems at any time of the year

- Dried mushrooms with distinction: morels, porcini, black trumpets, not forgetting our mushroom mixes...

- Truffled delights and seasoning; a range of taste-packed spreads, sweet and savoury delights and seasonings to accompany special dishes and gourmet meals


With more than 200 different products, PLANTIN offers a choice of extremely high quality products with a very demanding standard at all levels:

  • A careful selection of truffles and mushrooms
  • A selection of mainly local suppliers
  • A continuous market watch
  • Experts buyers
  • A rigorous quality department
  • No seasonality thanks to our presence in the southern hemisphere
  • Total traceability


People in the heart of the business

From the point truffles are selected through to their distribution, Maison Plantin establishes close ties not only with its customers, but also with its suppliers and employees, loyal for many years. Very attentive to customer satisfaction, Maison Plantin's priority is to get to know its customers and listen to them, so that it can serve them even better.
This company with a human dimension does everything it can to ensure customer satisfaction, offer advice on choosing truffles, comply with customers' wishes and provide them with what they want.