Michel Cluizel



First, the one contained in the cocoa beans: Chocolate offers more than 300 different taste notes that it is up to the chocolate makers to know how to restore.

Secondly, the CLUIZEL Taste, so singular, the fruit of his know-how. Committed to the authenticity of chocolate, assured that it is self-sufficient, the Manufacture relies on the terroirs and know-how of its partner planters, on the talent of CLUIZEL's Cacaofèviers® and artisan chocolatiers, and on the commitment of the Noble Ingredients.

CLUIZEL chocolate is defined by its origins.

The most renowned CLUIZEL chocolates are Plantation chocolates. They are made from cocoa beans all from a single plantation.

They are thus the fruit of the know-how of passionate planters; these chocolates offer a singular, rich, and unified taste, notably defined by the fermentation process that the beans have undergone.

After roasting, this is revealed in an exclusive, characteristic, and perfectly controlled aromatic profile. This fermentative aromatic note, impossible to master in a blended chocolate, gives the chocolate its relief.

Like a château wine, Plantation chocolate restores the gustatory heritage of its terroir while guaranteeing exemplary traceability.

The Manufacture CLUIZEL has established itself as the world's leading chocolate maker of excellence: rewards abound, labels and distinctions underlining its unrivalled talents.

CLUIZEL chocolate is defined by its quality.

Precious and singular, this chocolate must not be tainted by the addition of aromas that would take away its refined complexity.

For this reason, the Manufacture CLUIZEL registered the label "Ingredients nobles" in 2000. This label, still unequalled today, has been entirely elaborated by the Manufacture and attests to the authenticity of the ingredients used: pure cocoa butter and real bourbon vanilla beans supplant the aromas.

In the same way, the Manufacture itself elaborates its recipes according to the quality nomenclature it imposes on itself, guaranteeing a superior quality that was unheard of at the time of their first application: exclusion of chemical aromas and colorants or vegetable fats...

Sometimes fresh, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, it lingers gently and satisfies our inextinguishable love of chocolate.


Chocolate maker

At Manufacture CLUIZEL, we are first and foremost a chocolate maker: each confection created by the Manufacture is coated with an exceptional chocolate, called couverture chocolate, composed by it. Its all-chocolate products (such as its Plantation chocolate bars) are world-renowned.

The chocolate maker sometimes does more than embellish like the confectioner, he imagines and composes. Like the artist, he sculpts, moulds, and draws. His talents are illustrated on many occasions.

Thus, the Manufacture CLUIZEL is each year happier to present its chocolate sculptures at Christmas or Easter.

Creativity, art, taste, beauty, architecture... Each celebration is an opportunity for the Manufacture to surpass itself. By its technicality as much as by the splendor and precision of the tastes it offers, the Manufacture is a chocolate goldsmith