Louis François


Louis Francois is a third-generation family business with a passion for culinary innovation. They use natural ingredients to make products for modernist and molecular cuisine.

At Gourmet de Paris Australia, you’ll find a range of Louis Francois ingredients in large pack sizes that are ideal for restaurants and caterers. Like sodium alginate and calcium chloride, which are essential to the spherification technique. There’s also gelling agents such as pork gelatin and yellow pectin, and dextrose for a smoother ice cream texture.


Louis FRANÇOIS was born in 1882. A self-taught inventor, he developed a passion based on the researches of Louis Pasteur and other well known scientists at this time. He constructed a laboratory in Paris and founded his company in 1908.


He soon took an active interest in preservation, texture and emulsion issues that were to be applied in various food applications.


Consequently he developed a great number of specialities based on natural products: agar agar, arabic and tragacanth gum and egg powder, that finally have found their applications in the art of cooking.


LOUIS FRANCOIS continued his passion for innovation and excellence for over a century.  With a production site and a laboratory near Paris (Ile de France), LOUIS FRANCOIS produces and sells today a wide range of products intended for Bread, Pastry, Chocolate,Confectionery, Ice-cream and Gastronomy making Industries over the whole world.


Long-lived passion and know-how require attention and consideration.


For three generations, LOUIS FRANCOIS has complied with this tradition, with determination, creativity and humility.