Franck Deville

Chef de cuisine at the age of 20, Franck Deville became the owner of a hotel restaurant at the age of 25. He is a true enthusiast of French cuisine, and each menu creation is for him a source of new associations of products and tastes, an invitation to travel and escape.

At the age of 30, he took over the restaurant Le Clos Fleuri in Saint Priest en Jarez, an emblematic place in the St. Pierre region and steeped in history, having belonged to the Gagnaire family.

Master Restaurateur in 2010, he was awarded the Trophée de la Gastronomie à l'International in March 2011.

Following the request of a chocolate maker from Stephanois, he creates a range of macaroons for his stores. Faced with the success of his small pastries, he decided to create his own range of macaroons in the form of Annual Collections. The brand was born : Franck Deville - Creator of Macaroons The adventure was launched...



Our Know-How

Our production is traditional and artisanal in its process. Although we have mechanized the poaching of the hulls, the human eye is important at each stage and the rigor we impose on ourselves allows us to keep only the best.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is to put forward authentic perfumes with quality products, fresh mint infused in cream, real strawberries, blackcurrant, apricot and to use entirely natural coloring agents. But we also like to have our grain of madness...

A unique product with character

Selection of raw materials

We pay particular attention to selecting raw materials of very high quality and to elaborating authentic recipes (fresh mint, fresh fruit zests, quality chocolate, foie gras lobes from the south west of France...).

Our will is to use only natural products both in the shell (our coloring range is natural) and in the filling.

Our speciality: the range of sweet and savoury macaroons.