Dok Dall'Ava


In 1955 Natalino Dall’Ava began his adventure in Sossano at one of the first industrial ham factories of that time owned by the Muraro family. In short, he earned the esteem so much that he was sent to that of San Daniele del Friuli to direct the construction work and start one of the first industrial ham factories in the area.

In 1964 he married Mrs. Paola Bernardinis di Majano practically deciding to build his family in Friuli. In 1965 the first son Carlo was born and to follow the other two daughters Lucia and Sonia. In 1969, called by a group of industrialists from the Triveneto area, he decided to leave the initial company and to help create the largest ham factory of the time (Daniel ipta).



This Prosciuttificio soon became one of the market leaders, but Natalino dreamed of having his own Prosciuttificio and here in 1977, by combining Natalino's knowledge with Mrs. Paola's innate ability, the first Dolce Smoke Trouts (practically first smoked trout hams) and then be followed by Dindo speck, wild boar ham and so on. From these experiments, several companies that are now market leaders came to life.
But the real leap, Natalino made it in 1982, resigning and renting one of the oldest ham factories in the center of San Daniele (prosciutto di San Daniele SpA), where he founded DOK Dall’Ava.



In that year, his son Carlo also decided not to continue his studies and immediately enter the company to learn the trade live and not on paper.

In 1988, following the great post-Chernobyl crisis, all the companies were focused on finding new commercial outlets and Natalino, brushing up on an idea of ​​his son Carlo, together with the whole family, created the first ham shop in the world.

A place where ham becomes the absolute star of lunch or dinner from a simple appetizer, accompanied by homemade pasta, vegetables and desserts. Thus it was that in the following years the DOK Dall’Ava pasta factory was born, the DOK Dall’Ava cooking center.

In 2005 also DOK Dall’Ava, like most of the family-run companies in the Triveneto area, had to deal with the generational change that after some reasoning passed completely into the hands of his son Carlo.
Over the course of a few months, this enthusiast began work on the construction of the new DOK Dall'Ava ham factory, designed in-house by Carlo and Natalino side by side over many years and built in record time in 2006.
This ham factory is at the avant-garde in the world of hams because the best techniques have been used to recreate the climate that Natalino found in San Daniele in 1960, when the hams were made exclusively with the use of the seasons. "The best techniques at the service of tradition".

Today DOK Dall’Ava produces about 30,000 San Daniele d.o.p. hams in the new Prosciuttificio. all marked with the consortium logo n ° 10. The first "HAM LEARNING CENTER" in the world will be born where whoever wants to can come and learn all the things needed to make, cut and eat a Ham.
For the next few years, DOK Dall’Ava does not have in mind an increase in production but a continuous research on quality, which has always led it to obtain important results and awards at European level. Surely an eye goes to pig farming and as soon as possible, the company will equip itself with its own breeding in the wild because it is firmly convinced that 50% of the quality comes from the raw material and in a hectic world like today, making things with the right timing will surely be rewarding in the coming years.