Chambon & Marrel



Created in 1978 in Gourdon by Alain and Michele Godard joined by their child in 1986, the company Godard stays true to its ambition: produce with the family the best local products, foies gras, specialities made from foie gras, pâtés, confits and ready-cooked dishes, always in the respect of the quality and the authenticity.  

Passionate for culinary art, Alain Godard met the truffle on his way when he crossed the destiny of Maison Chambon & Marrel, one of the oldest merchant of truffles, which supplied Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia in 1911. There, truffles, truffle juices and truffle sauces are skillfully prepared. Since the takeover of the truffle company by

Alain Godard in 1992, Maison Godard has pursued her fascinating adventure inside another prestigious market: the trade of truffles. The truffle master shapes the Black Diamond from the Causse and invites you to the marvelous world of Gastronomy.

The familial company became Godard Chambon & Marrel in 2006 by matching the truffle and the foie gras.