Created in 1920 in Grenoble, the CÉMOI brand was acquired by the Poirrier family in the early 1980s: it then joined a family group whose origins and know-how date back to 1814.

CÉMOI's success is based in particular on its demand for quality and its capacity for innovation, which are at the heart of its development. His expertise and chocolate making know-how allow him to offer both traditional recipes and more astonishing taste experiences that meet the specific tastes of great gourmets as well as gourmets.

Very present at Christmas as at Easter, the brand is particularly recognized for its mastery of all chocolate-making know-how, through its specialties which have made French chocolate famous: papillotes, assortments of chocolate candies, moldings, the rocks, the truffles.

Unlike most chocolate players, CÉMOI does not subcontract cocoa processing: it sources directly from the growers to select the cocoa beans itself. Like an oenologist who chooses his grape varieties and their origins for their unique qualities, CÉMOI chocolatiers select the best cocoa beans; all their art is then expressed in the assembly of these beans in order to combine the aromas to obtain the best of chocolates.




As a true adventurer of taste, the French chocolatier CÉMOI accompanies you in festive or gourmet moments; alone, with friends or with family; or quite simply, during everyday chocolate moments to the delight of chocolate lovers.