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Anchored for more than 60 years in the Lot in Quercy, Jean Larnaudie is, above all, men and women committed to regional expertise and passionate about a dish that has become a must during the holiday season: Foie Gras.
In south-western France, in the heart of duck country, Jean Larnaudie workshop has been carrying on the tradition of Foie Gras production for over 60 years.
Our recipes are developed by men and women with a profound attachment to these lands, eager to preserve the authentic local flavors of these most iconic festive dishes.
Through the decades, Jean Larnaudie has developed high expertise in premium foie-gras and thanks to the purchase of Canards d'Azur, has developed a 100% south-western affiliate network made up of over 160 breeders/feeders.
Since 2007, 40 Larnaudie products have received a Concours General Agricole award.