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Holiday Collection

With the holidays fast approaching, give a gift that the family won't soon forget.


The finest products from Gourmet de Paris' range are available in this year's Holiday Hamper. A luxury selection from some of the most renowned names in modern French gastronomy.


Turn the Christmas family dinner into a 5 star experience, from starter to dessert, through multiple gourmet meals. The artisanal know-how and prestige poured into these products guarantees an unforgettable feast.

Holiday Hamper
Escargots 24 snails w/ Shells in Tube - Romanzini
Black Truffle Paste Glass Jar - Plantin (multiple sizing)
From $84.95

Olivade w/ Truffles Jar 90g - Godard
Griottines Jar 350ml | Gourmet De Paris Australia
Griottines Gift Jar 350ml
$20.90 $17.99