Red Wine Vinegar 7% Acidity 5L Edmond Fallot


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Edmond Fallot red wine vinegar is obtained from red wine. ... This 7% acidity vinegar has a cherry red color, a nose of red fruits as well as a beautiful aromatic power.

Tasty and round, with a clear wine aroma. Very nice for marinating poultry, fish and vegetables as well as in a vinaigrette for summer salads.

Who is Edmond Fallot?

La Maison Fallot is an independent Burgundian family business since 1840. It has ever since protected the craftsmanship of mustard making including seed grinding in the stony grindstone hence conserving its gastronomic qualities.

La Moutarderie Fallot enriched its range of products over the years with aromatics mustards, vinegars, and others condiments like pickles.