Iberico Cebo Ham Boneless 24 months 4.5 - 5.5 Kg - Julian Martin


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Julian Martin’s Iberico Cebo Ham is one of the best products of the Iberian peninsula. The hind legs have been treated with expertise and dedication, and are cured for 24 months.

The genetics of the Iberian pig allow fat to infiltrate into the muscle, giving the meat its distinct white streaks and a unique taste and juiciness.

Treat yourself to its unique and exquisite flavours.

Who is Julian Martin?

Julian Martin is a family enterprise founded in 1933, specialised in Iberico ham. In the heart of the Salamanca Mountains, they remain true to tradition.

The Iberico Pigs can enjoy all the space they need for an absolute perfect development, feeding and exercise. This is essential for them to produce the marvel of infiltrated fat that makes this breed utterly unique in the world.

Allowing Nature, not technique to work the final result, combining exceptional climate and the perfect altitude, Julian Martin guarantees flavours and character of this unique breed: The Iberico Pig.

Average weight : 5kg