French PicNic Apero & Sparkling Rose Wine


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What could be better than French Specialties for an exquisite picnic: 1 Sparkling Rose Wine, 2 saucissons, 4 Duck Terrines, Cornichons, Sardines, Mackerel, Olives, 2 box of Crackers, Griottines, Mini Chocolate Baguettes, 2 Oranginas. Order your french picnic basket online delivered to your doorstep!

Discover authentic and convivial French cuisine by savouring these beautiful and delicious regional specialties.
All the items are easily packed and necessary for a great picnic ranging from starters to desserts.
Simply add friends and family to make this a memorable gourmet outdoors experience!

The aperitif in a few words!

All occasions are valid for enjoying an aperitif! 80% of French people participate in this tradition regularly, mostly on weekends. This moment marks the separation between moments of work and moments of happiness, relaxation, well-being, the convivial moment par excellence!

The Pique-Nique in a few words!

Since the 17th century, French people have always had this tradition of sharing a meal outdoors with family and friends. The "pique-nique" expression is very old and testifies to this authentic French passion. It is a contraction of the verb "to pique" (which means "to peck") and of the word "nique" (which dates from the end of the 12th century and means "by little value ").

How to make your French Apero Picnic?

Pack a basket full of French Specialties, place it on a table or on the grass, with some Friends or Family... Et voila!

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Perfect for Picnic

Perfect to share with friends!
It's good to have a bit of France here in Melbourne.
Terrines and saucissons are really good ;)