1946: André Ponthier and his wife founded their fresh fruit company. At the same time, they bought land and planted apple trees, blackberry bushes and raspberry canes. The family owned 80 hectares of apple trees which they kept for many years.

1980: A man of the land, André Ponthier took advantage of a local treasure: chestnuts. He invented a new cooking and preserving process and created the first line of vacuum-packed cooked chestnuts. Today, these chestnuts are considered the benchmark in quality and are used by the greatest chefs all over the world.

1986: André Ponthier developed a range of frozen summer berries grown in Corrèze (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and redcurrants).

1989: After learning his trade in the family orchards then overseeing production, Yves Ponthier took over the family business with his wife.

1993: The first frozen fruit purées appeared, and their very high quality was quickly recognised. They received the "Bol d'Or Interglace" label and the "Maison de la Qualité" award from the Professional Union of Tokyo Pastry Chefs.

1998: Yves Ponthier launched another pioneering range with the refrigerated fruit purées. A real alternative to frozen fruit purées and very practical whilst preserving the colour and flavour of the fruit.

2001: The Ponthier company moved to a new factory, still in the very heart of Corrèze and its natural environment. This new installation doubled the storage capacity and developed new laboratories with pioneering high-tech facilities.

2012: Thibault Ponthier joined the family business and redefined the sales and marketing policy of Maison Ponthier. A new visual identity was launched, more in line with the quality of the products.

2015: Ponthier launched a new range of 100% vegetable purées available refrigerated or frozen: tomato, red pepper, yellow pepper, beetroot, and pumpkin.

2016: Created 70 years ago, today Maison Ponthier generates 30 million euros in turnover, 75% of which is in exports to 65 countries all over the world.

Traceability: A single origin and variety per flavour, mentioned on the packaging.

Food safety: Systematic pesticide residue testing conducted by an independent laboratory based in Germany.

Ingredients: 90 % minimum fruit + 10 % maximum pure cane sugar, no additives (colouring, preservative, flavouring…)

Brix: Brix rates testifying fruits harvested at premium ripeness.

Shelf life: 30 months before / 15 days after defrosting for the frozen and 15 months before / 12 days after opening for the chilled thanks to an exemplary food safety.

Quality charter: Fruit processing with utmost respect for IFS (superior level) and BRC (grade A) certifications since 2005