An extraordinary story for spectacular products!

The adventure actually began in the early 2000s in the French West Indies, where the future company founder exercised his skills as an engineer specializing in the treatment of wastewater in a cold distillery.

"The manager asked me for an idea to revive this alcohol market which was then in crisis. Instead of trying to reduce the alcohol level to 70% by adding water, on the contrary, I increased it to 96 ° with only 4% of water ”recalls CEO Laurent Probst.

And there, a miracle! During a barbecue, in front of dumbfounded friends, he notices that this hyper-concentrated alcohol, with a taste obtained by maceration of plants, really allows aromatic cooking in direct contact with the food to be cooked. The creative experience quickly became a patented innovation in 2005.

Cookal's story could begin.

Cookal's flame seduces great French chefs and master cooks

Cookal's historic flagship product, the caramelization kit for crèmes brûlées and other flambé desserts, immediately won over chefs and master cooks in France and Navarre.

Since then, the network has grown considerably. Cookal likes to highlight those who trust him:

  •  The Maison Lenôtre team in Paris
  • Lorraine chef Michel Roth, best worker in France in 1991, formerly responsible for the kitchens of the Ritz for more than 20 years
  • Pastry chefs Gabriel Paillasson (Meilleur Ouvrier de France pastry and ice cream maker, founder of the world cup of pastry)
  • Serge Viera (Bocuse d´Or 2005)
  • Potel & Chabot Traiteur created in 1820 and whose prestigious reception rooms are elegantly located in Paris, New York, Moscow or Saint Petersburg.